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Associate Professor Rafael Engel received a PhD in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin as well as an MSW from the University of Michigan and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Engel coordinates the School of Social Work’s Gerontology Certificate Program and is the principal investigator for the John A. Hartford Practicum Partnership Program in Aging Education. He has authored journal articles on a variety of topics including poverty in later life, welfare benefit levels, and depressive symptomatology, and has written monographs reporting agency-based evaluations. His most recent research focuses on gambling.

Recent Books

Engel, Rafael J. & Schutt, Russell, K. (2016). The Practice of Research in Social Work, 4th edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Engel, Rafael J. & Schutt, Russell. K.  (2014).  Fundamentals of Social Work Research. 2nd edition.  Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage Publications.

Davis, Larry E. & Engel, Rafael J. (2011). Measuring Race and Ethnicity. New York:  Springer

Engel, Rafael J. & Schutt, Russell. K. (2011). Survey Research. In Social Work Research and Evaluation: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice 9th ed. Richard Grinnell & Yvonne Unrau. Oxford University Press.

Recent Publications

Levinson, S., Caldwell, K., Petracchi, H., Wexler, S., & Engel, R.  (In Press) Integrating video documentary into the classroom: A community aassessment assignment.  Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Engel, Rafael & Rosen, Daniel. (2014). Problem Gambling and Treatment Outcomes for Older Methadone Maintenance Treatment Patients. Journal of Gerontological Social Work.  DOI: 10.1080/01634372.2014.960989.

Rosen, D., Heberlein, E., & Engel R. J. (2013). Older adults and substance abuse related disorders: Trends and associated costs. ISRN Addiction,  vol. 2013, Article ID 905368, 4 pages.

Rosen, D., Engel, R.J., Hunsaker, A.E., Engel, Y., Detlefsen, E.G., Reynolds, C.F. (2013). Just Say Know: An examination of substance use disorders among older adults in gerontological and substance abuse journals. Social Work in Public Health, 28, 377-387.

Engel, Rafael J., Bechtold, Jody, Kim, Yoonmi, & Mulvaney, Elizabeth. (2012). Beating the Odds: Preparing Graduates to Address Gambling-Related Problems. Journal of Social Work Education, 48.

Petracchi, Helen, Weaver, Addie, Engel, Rafael, Kolivoski, Karen M., & Das, Rachelle.  (2010).  An assessment of service-learning in a university living-learning community: Implications for community engagement.  Journal of Community Practice, 18, 252-266.

Engel, Rafael J., Rosen, Daniel, Weaver, Addie, & Soska, Tracy.  (2010).  Raising the stakes: Assessing the human service response to the advent of a casino.  Journal of Gambling Studies, 26, 661-622.

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